Basic information about CLUB OF SOCIAL SCIENCES

Club of Social Sciences (KSV), established in January 1990, is independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization, registered as a registered association according to law no. 89/2012.
Club brings together on a voluntary basis scientists, researchers and professionals who work in social sciences and citizen with interest in social sciences.

Main content of activities of Club of Social Sciences are professional educational activities in the field of social sciences, information activities, explanation of actual social problems and scientific findings, and submitting suggestions for social praxis – especially in the areas of philosophy, sociology, economy, history, politic science, psychology, culturology and information management. Club realizes this activity with emphasis on the dialectical-materialist understanding of the world. Club works together with social and social-scientific organizations and alternatives abroad (Slowakia, Russia).

Club organizes lectures, conferences, seminars and scientific discussions for professionals and wider public. Club performs consulting and advisory services, processes, expert recommendations and opinions on current social issues. Club performs education activities and teaching in social sciences.

Club publishes Information Bulletin about its activities and planes for its members and supporters. Club publishes actual information from above mentioned areas in internal distribution network and allows to club members and non-members publishing of copyright professional texts in electronical edition Forum of Social Sciences (ISSN 2336-7679, http://forum.klubspolved.cz). Club of Social Sciences secures and organizes extensive archival, informational and educational activities in the area of regional history and addresses research and processing activity with the focus on the current status and development of the Czech society. Club organizes sociological researches and other social-scientific researches and surveys in the Czech population and in selected groups of citizens.  Club announces best scientific work based on the dialectical-materialist understanding of the world.

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